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An insight into our vision and goals.



Nikah  destiny is a website which focuses on the Muslim community.  We want to offer a platform and an opportunity to Muslim community to find their life partner through Nikah destiny and live happily ever after. Nikah Destiny is an exclusive matrimony portal for the seekers who are ready to marry. It has been cleared by the proven fact that marriages within the community are happier and more stable, so we offer support to the Muslims to find their perfect match within the community. People feel comfortable in common social and cultural environment so they can celebrate traditions and values that were part of their upbringing. www.nikahdestiny.com is a matrimonial website which aims to offer the best possible service. Moreover, we want to offer the quality database off brides and grooms. The portal also offers many benefits to its members, which give a pleasure to search for a life partner within one's own community from all across the globe at the single click of a mouse. This portal is powered by innovative tools and cutting-edge technologies in order to give the best search experience to its users. We help you in finding the perfect match for you with our special and personalized online services .


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Highlights of Nikah:


* Profiles of muslim community.


* Global and wide set of profiles including NRIs.


* Free and easy profile registration.


* Safe and secure site.


* 100% privacy guaranteed.


* Proper screening of registered profiles to ensure they meet the norms of our site.


* Plethora of benefits for premium members and standard benefits for free members.


* Proper email notifications for registered users.


* Nikah Destiny was founded with a single minded objective of being the mediator for

   the sacred act of bringing two lives together.


* Nikah Destiny is a team of young and dynamic professionals who are committed to find

  perfect match for you. We have a well rounded experience from different walks of life.



We offer 24-hour customer services. Email us at info@nikahdestiny.com for complaints or feedback.