Safety Tips


Nikah Destiny strives hard to provide you a secure platform with assured safety to assist you in searching your dream life partner






Nikah Destiny is one of the most secure platforms for online marriage seekers. We are committed to provide full safety and security to the privacy of our members.Read the following information to understand the full process of your partner search.We understand the value of your confidentiality so our basic features are designed to protect your privacy.





Privacy Features:


Nikah Destiny offers you options to decide who can view and contact you through your profile.



1. Can certain details of my profile can be protected?



Obviously yes, you are allowed to restrict access to your photo and reference by securing it with passwords.


2. Is block and ignore profiles options are available?


Yes, If you don't want to see a profile then you can block or ignore it. 



3. Will members get any notification when I view their profiles?


No, members will not know about this view.


4. Why there is need to keep login details confidential?


Your profile must be confidential as your profile is your responsibility and can leads to misuse if its falls into the wrong hands.




 Verification Services:


This service can be used to check if a particular site is genuine and safe to contact.


1.Are all profiles on the site authentic?


Only verified phone numbers are displayed on the Nikah destiny. We confirm an active and valid number through verification service.


2. Safety Rules: 


Always ensure your safety and privacy while searching for a life partner. Here is some discussion about safety rules which can clear the importance of data safety.


 3. Why I should not reveal my identity to someone too soon?


Take your time to know the person properly. Ignoring outer appearance, try to understand the nature of that person and never share your personal details like credit card and bank account information.



4. Where I should not have our first meeting?


Meet the person in public places like restaurants, don't meet alone until you need the person really well. Also inform your friends or family before you set out.


5. How I can understand fraud or a money scam?


When members ask for money then you can understand a money scam. Never pay anything for visa purposes. Sharing your financial matters with someone could be highly unsafe.


6. Why I should involve my family?


Marriage is actually a union of two families instead of two people. So, keep your family informed about all your proceedings.



Report Violation:


You will get proper help by reporting us about violation.


1.What should I do if I get a fraudulent profile?


You should immediately inform about us which enables us to take immediate action.


2. Where I can report about violation?


You can report us at